Volumetric Depositing Manifolds

Our volumetric manifolds provide “swept volume” depositing accuracy whilst maintaining Wymbs’ “hopperless” principles for maintaining complete control of the mass being deposited.

  • Standard main body construction from high food grade Aluminium
  • Option for non-corrosive main body construction from Titanium
  • Internal water galleries for heating and cooling
  • Cleaning attachments to facilitate CIP
  • Rotary valves (open / close) manufactured from stainless steel and housed in resilient sealing cups
  • Various nozzles, “plain” or “fancy multi-peak” available
  • Deposit weight, speed of operation is controlled from the HMI fitted to one of our manifold drive systems.
  • These manifolds are truly volumetric and require no balancing.
  • Marshmallow
  • Fondants & Icings
  • Caramels & Toffees
  • Jam & Jellies
  • Sponge batter
  • Meringue
  • Jaffa jam
  • Chocolate & Compounds
  • Aerated chocolate 

Non-metallic pistons with integrated seals, servo driven, are combined with stainless steel cylinders with a honed inside surface to provide the highest level of depositing accuracy and can be fitted to our ORBIS overhead, ORBIS under band, OCD & CDS manifold drive system as well as being tailored to for retro-fitting onto OEM partner machines.