Sheeting & Extruding Manifolds

Designed for a direct connection to a continuous feed of material, either an aeration system delivering aerated masses alternative a metering system (pump unit for example) delivering un-aerated masses. 

  • Retro-fit onto existing lines
  • Manual or servo controlled sheet thickness
  • Optional cleaning attachments and maintenance trollies.
  • Marshmallow
  • Chocolate & chocolate compounds
  • Aerated chocolate
  • Wafer cream
  • Jams and Jellies
  • Caramel
  • Fondant icings
  • Sponge and cake batters
  • Chocolate mousse, pralines and ganache

Manifolds are manufactured from ALUMINIUM or STAINLESS STEEL when acid masses are being processed and are tailored according to the application for sheeting “full width”, “multi-lanes” across a travelling steel oven band, wafer line or extruding “multiple ropes” across a continuously moving process conveyor.

Internal water galleries (jacketing) allows for temperature sensitive materials to be easily handled. 

Sheeting manifolds play and important role in the manufacture of Swiss Rolls, Mini Rolls, Layer Cake & Bar Cakes. Our sheeting and extruding manifolds provide a stable and consistent sheet, layer or rope, essential to reducing waste.

Our multilane construction achieves repeatable and consistent lane depositing so that all lanes are fulfilling the same weight and size criteria. Our sheeting and extruding manifolds are manufactured from Aluminum or Stainless Steel and designed with a unique internal balancing method requiring only one or two, depending on width, product inlet connections and available from “very small’’ up to 1500mm wide for applications requiring a single sheet, multiple smaller sheets and multiple ropes .

With bespoke support structures manifolds can be mounted over a travelling steel oven band for sponge batter applications , a secondary processing conveyor for applying jams and creams for the finishing of Swiss Roll, Mini Rolls, Layer or Bar Cakes or a wafer line applying aerated & un-aerated creams as well as jam fillings . In the case of aerated wafer creams or even aerated chocolate, the integrity of the cell structure is maintained throughout. Manifolds are universally employed for direct connection to an aeration system or pumping unit.

Extrusion manifolds can be equipped with a single outlet, co-extrusion nozzle or a variety of adaptions for most extrude-able masses. Internal water galleries ensure proper control over temperature sensitive materials. Cleaning attachments allow for flush through cleaning whilst maintenance trollies allow for easy disassembly from the processing.