What We Do

Depositing manifolds

A truly unique range of manifolds balanced under pressure operating on a “time / pressure basis” or closed system volumetric requiring no balancing and controlled remotely. In either case our manifolds are designed for direct connection to a continuous aeration system or to a metering system (pump unit for example) where, in the case of aerated masses the benefits will be quickly realised – no hoppers, no deterioration of cell structure, better temperature control, “less mess” and easier cleaning regimes being easier attained.

Sheeting & extruding manifolds

Designed for retrofit to baking, secondary processing and wafer lines handling sponge batters, dairy and non-dairy creams, jams & jellies, fondants and icings. Manifolds can be manufactured to create a single sheet or multiple lanes or ropes.

Manifold drive systems

Our depositing systems (“drive systems”) can provide up to four axes of motion, including “piston lift” when complimented with volumetric manifolds. Depositing onto a biscuit, into a chocolate mould, directly onto a travelling steel oven band, starch or sugared process conveyor or into a baking tray, depositing onto a cake or injecting into choux buns and fingers are a few application examples.

Processing lines for the ambient & chilled products industry

Designed to receive baked and conditioned “cakes and patisseries” adding value by means of multiple depositing and decorating stations integrally built along one processing line. Injecting fresh dairy cream into an éclair finger followed by a ribbon deposit of fondant icing, depositing a rope of jam into cut finger doughnuts followed by a “swirl” deposit of aerated fresh dairy cream are examples of what can be achieved along these processing lines.